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Although marble has the reputation of being the most luxurious material available to homeowners, you may be surprised that some common types of marble are very affordable. It’s true that the rarest varieties are still very pricey. However, budget-friendly options, such as Carrera marble, can still make a sophisticated aesthetic statement and are easily found in stone yards around the world.

DTK Stone Works in Chicago, IL, provides a variety of marble for every price point, including Carrera marble. We’ll ensure that whichever slab you choose makes an impressive impact for an elegant bathroom, kitchen, or home accent.

Where Can I Use Marble in my Home Design?

You may have seen marble used in kitchen countertops before, but DTK Stone Works actually does not recommend heavy use of marble in kitchen designs (except as an accent stone). Marble is highly susceptible to staining and damage from the acidic substances we all have in our kitchens, including vinegar, ketchup, and harsh chemicals.

For this reason, we prefer using marble in bathroom designs where it’s less likely to come in contact with extremely high heat or acidic food and drinks. Marble makes even the smallest bathrooms look larger and more luxurious thanks to its gleaming white surface, so the results are well worth a little extra care.

Marble Design Options from DTK Stone Works

Typically, marble slabs for countertops come in sizes ranging from three-fourths of an inch to one and one-fourth inch thick, which is the same as most granite options. DTK Stone Works can craft a marble countertop with a highly polished finish for a shiny luster or a honed finish that’s sanded smooth to create a matte effect. Honed marble typically shows fewer scratches and less wear and thus requires less maintenance, but the choice of finish is entirely up to your preference.

How to Clean and Care for your Marble Countertops and Accents

Like granite, marble is porous, meaning it absorbs liquids, including stains from chemicals, foods, and beverages. It’s vital to apply annual sealing treatments to prevent seepage and staining. To clean marble, always look for the gentlest option possible, as hard chemicals can etch their way through the surface of the sealant and even the stone itself. Stay away from abrasive scrubbing pads and powdered cleansers; warm water and a soft cotton rag will work just fine. Wipe up spills immediately to avoid discoloration of the stone, and don’t place extremely hot pots or heated styling tools directly on the surface of the stone, as they could leave a permanent heat mark.

Marble is extremely hard, so deep scratches, chips, and cracks are rarely an issue. With a properly applied sealant and safe cleaning routine, your marble countertops will gleam for years to come. If you’re interested in a custom countertop, contact the design team at DTK Stone Works in Chicago, IL, for assistance in selecting a unique marble slab for your home.

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