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Clients in the Midwest count on DTK Stone Works for our reputation in Chicago, IL for stone products of outstanding quality and variety for commercial and residential stone services. In order to remain the stone fabricators Chicago trusts most, we source an extensive variety of stone products, including marble, granite, soapstone, and quartzite. We are also constantly updating our techniques to produce the best possible custom-fabricated and -built stone products for your kitchen, bathrooms, lobby, and more.

Below you’ll find additional information describing the various types of beautiful stone we offer customers like you for your home or business stonework needs. Choose the color, pattern, and style you want for your personalized design, and we’ll produce your countertops, bar tops, flooring, and other stone remodel and renovation features at our onsite fabrication shop in Wheeling, IL.

What Types of Stone Do You Have Available?

At DTK Stone Works, we pride ourselves on more than just the quality of the stone we have available for commercial and residential stone services. We also delight in the variety of unique colors and patterns in our collection. With over 1,000 slabs at our showroom, you’re sure to find a sample that’s distinctive to your personal style and needs. Our selection of stone products includes the following types:

  • Granite: Granite is an ideal material for kitchen and bathroom countertops due to its durability. Choosing the right color and finish can also offer a complementary appearance to casual, elegant, and contemporary designs.
  • Marble: While marble is typically noted for its luxurious appearance, many common types of this durable stone can be very affordable. You can make a small bathroom look bigger and more elegant with marble countertops and features.
  • Quartzite: Quartzite is manufactured stone that’s similar to granite. Engineers make it with a silicon dioxide composite, making it an incredibly hard material that can feature colors not typically found in stones in nature, such as purple, orange, and yellow.
  • Quartz: This engineered stone gets created using silicon dioxide or another polymer resin with at least 90% powdered quartz stone. Manufacturers can add any color of pigment during production to match your exact color specifications.
  • Soapstone: Contrary to its name, soapstone is a natural stone that offers a solution for stone products that’s very affordable and still attractive. It gets its name from the soft feel of the stone that’s almost soapy, and it’s easier to take care of than marble or granite.
  • Edge Profiles: Complete the classy look of your new countertops with custom-fabricated stone edge profiles. Choose rounded or beveled corners, along with many other styles to finish the edges of your stone features.
  • Sinks: We have a variety of different styles of sinks to install in your new countertops that suit tastes from simple to posh and contemporary. Select a custom kitchen or vanity sink according to size, shape, material, and more.


Marble & Granite Options in Chicago

Marble and granite are among the finest materials that can be utilized during construction projects and are a sign of class and style. Here at DTK Stone Works, we have extensive experience fabricating and installing custom marble and granite stone products. The elegant and unique stone makes an ideal material for features in kitchens, bathrooms, and a host of other areas and projects when strong, durable stone products are needed. For years, customers have come to know DTK Stone Works as expert marble and granite stone fabricators, and we take great care in providing the best possible service 100% of the time.

Skilled Craftsmanship with Marble & Granite

Our skilled stone fabricators perform every residential and commercial stone service with a commitment to top-tier craftsmanship. This devotion to quality at a reasonable cost ensures your satisfaction with the finished stone products. Creating and installing a custom marble or custom granite countertop, tabletop, or flooring can add a sense of style and prestige to any space. With our competitive rates, we can help transform any space paired with personalized customer service for every project at a price that you’ll be happy with.

Call us today for more information on all our marble and granite options available, or come check out our showroom, minutes from I-294 in Wheeling! We have a wide assortment of beautiful stone slabs for you to view and consider for stone products in your bathrooms, kitchen, office, or lobby. Our exquisite stonework with unique stone slabs of your choosing offers a personal touch with the color, pattern, and style you select.

Soapstone & Quartzite for Chicago Clients

Our showroom in Wheeling has over 1,000 slabs of high-quality stones, including soapstone and quartzite: two durable, long-lasting stones that are flexible and can be used in a wide variety of areas. They’re not only durable; they also provide a bright, welcoming feel to a room and are sure to impress guests. The durability and versatility of these stones’ remodeling applications make them outstanding choices for custom stone products in your bathrooms, kitchen, and other rooms.

Whether you’re considering for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities, having exceptional stone fabricators by your side will make a world of difference. Understanding how to use the best raw materials for stone fabrication is a hallmark of our business. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide your project from inception to completion.

Designs to Suit Your Space

We have redesign experts who can draft your commercial or residential stone services and remodeling to suit the space and dimensions. With your selection of stone from our vast collection of slabs, your personalized upgrades to existing spaces can add both monetary and intrinsic value. As property value increases with a high-quality update, you also gain a sense of comfort and pride in your spaces. Your business gets a welcoming environment, and your house feels like home.

Chicago-Based Stone Edge Design

Here at DTK Stone Works, we have experienced technicians working with the highest quality tools and raw materials. We can help craft any number of different stone edge designs for your countertop, vanity, or another application. We have many different edge designs to choose from to best complement your space, as well as a broad selection of stone material for you to choose from for a truly unique touch of class in your home or business.

Over the years, we’ve amassed a great level of craftsmanship and an acute understanding of how to use different materials in different contexts to craft the perfect accent to a property. Our customers always come first, and we take our stone fabrication seriously. We always want our customers 100% satisfied with the work we’ve done and are committed to getting the job done right and on schedule. Transforming a space with durable, classy stonework can elevate the feeling of a property to the next level, and we love working with our customers from inception to completion.

Drafting your personal space design and custom-fabricating beautiful stone products from your chosen colors, styles, and patterns only enhances our dedication to exceeding your expectations on any commercial or residential stone services.

The highest quality stonework is at DTK Stone Works. Go with the best today and contact us for more information!

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