Stone Fabrication for Kitchen Countertops in Chicago

Kitchens are very often at the center of family life. The preparation of food is one of many functions for this room, which so often serves as a gathering point for friends and loved ones to relax, share stories and simply spend quality time together. The quality of the experience can be enhanced with gorgeous and durable stone works, which add an air of distinction, coziness, and permanence to your kitchen. Whether you are looking for new marble countertops, granite countertops, kitchen islands or decorative detailing, DTK Stone Works in Chicago is ready to deliver stunning custom kitchen countertops that are sure to bring out the elegance of your home.

We Take Your Investment Seriously

The decision to invest in high-quality stone fabrication services to upgrade your home is a big one. Materials, patterns, design, space, timeframe, and cost are all crucial factors to be considered. At DTK Stone Works, we take pride in guiding our customers through all of their options and helping them to make informed decisions when making home improvements. The design, fabrication, and installation processes are done to the most exacting of standards, and we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the results for years to come. We view your budget constraints and unique aesthetic tastes not as challenges to overcome, but as opportunities to help you craft exactly the home environment you’ve been dreaming of.

A Wealth of Options to Choose From

DTK Stone Works is fully equipped to provide a wide range of attractive and long-lasting stone fittings for kitchen remodeling. We offer both marble and granite for your custom countertop. Utilizing high-tech machinery to design, render computer models of, and finally fabricate designs with the material you choose, we are able to provide solutions that complement and enhance your kitchen countertops according to your taste and budget. We offer several premium-quality materials, including:


Granite is widely considered to be one of the best all-around materials for kitchen countertops or cabinets. The variety of available colors and patterns is nearly limitless, and granite’s durability makes it highly resistant to damage and chipping. Some upkeep is required, as it is a porous igneous rock that will periodically need to be resealed to maximize protection against stains. A granite countertop is a great addition to any kitchen.


Marble is another very popular choice for stone countertops and other custom kitchen island ideas since it displays dramatic natural veining and polishes to a highly elegant sheen. While more expensive than granite and a bit less durable, many people still prefer marble for the air of distinction it adds to any room it adorns. A marble countertop will give your kitchen a brand new look.


Soapstone slabs can be anywhere from 300-400 million years old, and the talc in its composition gives it a warm, smooth characteristic. This material is extremely well suited for the kitchen, as it is non-porous, and never needs to be resealed. Often used in forensic and scientific labs, soapstone is impervious to chemical and bacterial penetration and is heat-resistant enough to place a hot pot or pan directly on the surface without causing harm.


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is formed from sandstone. It is harder than granite and not as prone to etching as marble, making it a robust choice for heavy-use applications. Impurities in the rock can cause an incredible display of colors and patterns that make this an attractive all-around choice for many projects.

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