Beautiful Interior Stone Accents Walls for Homes in Chicago, IL

There are very few design elements that work as well in a sleek, contemporary home as they do in a cabin in the woods. Can you name any? At DTK Stone Works in Chicago, IL, we believe that stone accent walls are one of the most versatile design features that anyone can incorporate into a new home build or renovation project.

Because it’s possible to select the size, stone color, stone type, layout, and overall scale of an interior rock accent wall, it can integrate seamlessly with your overall design plan. Even a faux rock wall creates a show-stopping centerpiece for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and more. If you still aren’t convinced, visit DTK Stone Works with some photos or blueprints of your home, and our design team will help you envision accent wall options that can transform your space.

The Design Reasons for Considering a Stone Accent Wall

First of all, if you feel like the design of a particular room in your home is missing something, a stone accent can transform any space. A rock accent improves entryways, kitchens, kitchen islands, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms. Even if you don’t opt for a full wall, stone veneer or faux stone panels work beautifully to complement existing architectural features like fireplaces, interior columns, alcoves, archways, and kitchen backsplashes.

In an interior design scheme, accent walls have always been a popular way to break up a room and draw visitors’ attention to a certain point. Usually, this is accomplished with art or a different paint color on one wall, but a stone or brick accent adds far more texture and visual interest.

Stone Accent Wall Inspiration Ideas

Our modern materials and methods allow faux stone to beautifully mimic the effect of traditional stone, without the weight and architectural challenges posed by an actual stone support wall.

The most dramatic way to use a faux stone wall is, of course, to ask our installation team to create a full, floor-to-ceiling façade that’s visible from the front entrance of your home. This works especially well if you have an open staircase or vaulted ceilings to maximize stone surface area. Even if you already have a painted accent wall, consider replacing paint with stone veneers to add more texture than a flat surface could ever provide.

For more subtle options that enhance details, we can design a personalized kitchen backsplash over the stove, or do something a little more unexpected, like a “natural spring” in the bathroom or an elaborate fireplace.

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