DIY vs. Professional Installation and Stone Fabrication in Chicago

Does going forward with Do It Yourself countertop installation save time and money? Surprisingly it does not. There are tools, labor, and materials that can drive up the price of a project. It will cost you more than you think, and there will be a lot of time spent being frustrated that could go straight to calling professionals like us.While it might sound like a fun project, selecting, cutting, and installing stones for kitchens, countertop stones, coffee table stones or anything else– the multitude of other details create a tremendous amount of work. Even selecting the proper stone itself can be a challenge. The benefit of working with professionals like us is that we know exactly what we are doing. There is no margin for error when you work with DTK Stone Works.

Our processes are focused on:

  • Consulting
  • Stone Selection
  • Measurements
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

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Staying Calm With A Professional Stone Countertop Company

The varying hardness of stone means precision cutting is a must. Not only that, but the procedure does get dusty. You could spend a couple of hundreds of dollars on a circular saw and a shop vacuum, or you can call a professional that can fabricate the stone in their own shop, like us. Polishing is a serious skill that takes a lot of practice. A DIY polishing job, for either fresh installation or repairs, can leave the stone worst off than it started. We have decades of experience selling stones and using:

  • Caulk
  • Epoxy
  • Acrylic grout

Save time and frustration by calling the best stone fabricators and installers in Chicago! 847.215.0110.

Know the Difference: Stones and When To Hire The Best

While the internet might provide you with some information, only a professional company like DTK Stone Works has the expert knowledge about stone types and how to properly source them, cut them, seal them, and install them in your home; worry-free, and perfect every time. Instead of learning how to avoid thermal shock while you attempt to fabricate your own stone, consider calling the experts at DTK Stone Works. We will help you save time and avoid an accident if something goes wrong with your new equipment!

Come into our one-stop shop for a free consultation. We carry nearly every type of stone you’ve ever heard of, and plenty that you haven’t, so call today for more information before you get started on your next project.

For starters:

  • Soapstone is ideal for a kitchen
    • Doesn’t need sealant
    • Resistant to thermal shock
    • Oil for aesthetic reasons
    • Ages well

Soapstone is not the only ideal stone for a kitchen countertop but is one of the most unique. You may consider it over granite because it has a more uniformed look. Counter to counter could appear seamless, and blemishes could easily be buffed out.

For a more uniformed look, Quartz manufactured status means every slab matches perfectly so your countertop looks seamless. It may be more susceptible to thermal shock; however, that is something that can be prevented with a hot pad.

These are just a few of the essential bits of information any DIY project would sorely need. Instead of roaming the internet hoping to find the right information, call DTK Stone Works today. There is much to learn, and only 1 chance to get it right, especially when you’re dealing with complex saws and hard slabs of stone. There are plenty of exciting home projects to embark on that do not involve heavy machinery and technical knowledge. Your kitchen countertop should be left to the hands of professionals like DTK Stone Works. You’ll be happy you made the call – we look forward to working with you today!

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