Granite Countertop Buyer’s Guide

Granite is one of the most popular kitchen countertops our Chicago team installs. The stone is natural, unique, and can make any kitchen beautiful. DTK Stone Works wants you to make the best decision when you decide to install new countertops, so we have made you a list of benefits that you would want to consider when choosing a stone.

We have plenty of stones in stock, so you are not limited to only granite. Browse through this list, and see if granite is the stone most suited for your needs. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to one of our experts. Read our D.I.Y. vs Proffessional Installation and Fabrication guide if you are considering doing your own project.

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Benefits of Granite Countertops for Kitchens

The number one reason to go with a granite countertop for your kitchen is aesthetics. Stones like Quartz are manufactured, but granite is naturally occurring. This means each slab brings a unique grain and look that will make your kitchen a vibrant work of art. It also comes in a variety in colors that can complement any interior designs and decorations that came before.

Less porous than other stones like marble

  • Granite is sturdier for this purpose. Porous materials are more likely to chip, wear out, and foster bacteria. For these reasons Granite is a prime choice for countertops in highly used areas like a kitchen.

Hot pan can be placed on a granite countertop

  • Granite can handle heat, but a general rule of thumb is you always want to use a hot pad. Granite is categorized as an igneous rock. Extreme heat on an extremely cold day could induce thermal shock on granite, and cause it to crack, but it is extremely rare.

Easily sealed

  • DTK always seals countertops as part of our installation process. By sealing granite we increase the life of the material, curb bacteria growth, and make it easy to clean. In the future, sealing your granite countertops can be done on your own with no complications.

Scratch resistance

  • Granite is formed under intense heat and pressure by nature. As a result it is scratch resistance. If you were to use it as a chopping board you would dull your knife out quickly. We don’t recommend you cut directly on granite, but be assured that it will take bumps just fine.

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Custom Countertops: Other Considerations

The custom kitchen countertop Chicago team at DTK Stone Works wants your kitchen to be picture perfect, so give us a call. Our thorough consultation is mindful of all your concerns from budgets, aesthetics, functions, colors, and utility.

Granite countertops for kitchens are ideal for a lot of our clients, but you may change your mind after we discuss your vision. Granite is unique and pretty, but sometimes quartz might be what suits your needs more. Regardless of what the future might hold, trust our Chicago countertop team in bringing your vision to life.

Also, take a look at our other stones here. There are plenty of stone materials that can be used to make your dream kitchen. Call us for a quote 847.215.0110!

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