• What You May Not Know about Engineered Quartz Countertops

    What You May Not Know about Engineered Quartz Countertops As you probably know, there are many different manufacturers of quartz countertops on the market. Although the various choices in quartz may be overwhelming, ultimately, the quality of the work by the fabricator such as DTK Stone Works, is a more important determinant of the overall […]

  • How to seal your granite countertop

    How to seal your granite countertop Granite is porous so sealants are recommended to block liquids from seeping into the stone. A properly sealed countertop will cause liquids to bead on the surface. Liquids with color — like grape juice and red wine — cooking oil ¬and fat can all discolor the countertop.   Generally, […]

  • Tagging Your Slab of Stone

    Tagging Your Slab of Stone   We’d be happy to work with you when you come to DTK Stone Works to view and tag the actual slab of stone for your countertops and backsplash after viewing it with the collage of patterns, textures, and colors of your materials.  The effort will definitely pay off in […]

  • Porcelain Countertops

    Porcelain Countertops   Chicago homeowners who aren’t interested in natural stone countertops may consider porcelain.  This may not be the first option for kitchens currently but their popularity is on the rise. In Europe, porcelain countertops have been installed for quite some time now, however, this type of countertop has only recently gained notice in […]

  • Types of Kitchen Sinks And Their Use

    When it comes to shapes, material and use, kitchen sinks come in great variety. Some of them are listed below with a little bit of explanation. The most common sink shape is the one-and-a-half bowl, which has one bigger one and a smaller partner that’s useful for draining when the main bowl is filled. A […]

  • From The Quarry To The Kitchen -Where Exotic Granite And Marble Come From – Part 2

    We are continuing our story about how the exotic granite, marble and quartzite travel from quarry to your kitchen. The first thing to do is to get accurate measurements in your home by creating a template so your countertop will fit perfectly. This process takes into account everything from sink location to imperfections in the […]

  • White or off-white kitchens with matched white or dark granite countertops are coming back to fashion

    White and off-white kitchens with matched white or dark granite countertops are crisp, timeless and suit all styles of decor not to mention bringing a sunny feel to the room even on a winter’s day. It’s no coincidence that when you walk into a kitchen showroom you will almost certainly find your eyes drawn to […]

  • From The Quarry To The Kitchen – Where Exotic Granite And Marble Come From – Part 1

    Today we start a series of publications explaining almost everything about the exotic granite and marble – how they are quarried, cut, fabricated, installed and maintained. Make sure to bookmarks us so that you don’t miss anything that will expand your view about the countertop in your kitchen and make you realize how many people […]

  • Why You Should Get Granite Countertop in Your Kitchen From DTK Stone Works

    There is no doubt that a kitchen granite countertop is such a sight to behold. It makes the seemingly boring kitchen suddenly come alive and bring endless inspiration and enthusiasm to someone who is responsible for providing succulent fares on the table for the family. It exudes elegance and timeless beauty and anyone who sees […]

  • Lapidus – DTK Stone Works’ most sensual texture for kitchen countertops

    DTK Stone Works , the Chicago regional leader in the development, production and distribution of granite, marble, quartzite and other natural stone surfaces, has launched Lapidus , a new finish with a matte texture for its countertop surface range, into the Chicagoland market. To be available in several colors, DTK Stone Work’s Lapidus finish delivers […]